Research Programs & Conferences


Professional Culture of the Specialist of the Future

The aim of the conference is to establish an interdisciplinary platform for discussion and solving of a wide range of problems related to the future of education and formation of the expert's professional culture as the basis for further scientific research and reasoned dialogue between the universities and the society in general.

Researchers of humanitarian, social and technical sciences are invited to participate in the conference.

Humanities Forum at the Polytechnic University

The aim of the conference is to engage students and postgraduate students into the active process of formation of modern cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills, the development of relevant socio-humanitarian research and scientific discourse topics, and the exchange of scientific achievements as well as active cooperation of the participants within the framework of scientific and practice-oriented events on the basis of the Institute of Humanities of SPbPU.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of universities interested in socio-humanitarian subjects, as well as young professionals ready to present their projects and receive feedback from colleagues and experts in their respective fields, are welcome to take part in the conference.

Digital Identity and Online Reputation

The aim of the conference is to share experience, ideas, and results of the research to be aware of the new challenges of the digital space. The following issues determine the scientific discussion: how the digital world changes our identity and self-identity, how to create and manage online reputation, how people use semiotic resources to construct and express their identity, how technology protects people and at the same time creates new ethical concerns in the society.

Experts in the fields of knowledge engineering, sociology, philosophy, public relations, journalism, psychology and teaching, semiotics, linguistics and IT technology are welcome to participate.

Polytechnic Forum of Legal Sciences POLYLEX

Annual scientific and practical conference with international participation.

Legal practitioners, teachers and young researchers are invited to participate in the conference.

PR and Advertising Technologies in Modern Society

The conference is addressed to everyone who is interested in the current state of media technologies and professional communication in the media sphere.