Dear students,

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Humanities of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University!

The Institute of Humanities is of particular importance for our Polytechnic University. Since the University's inception, humanities have been regarded as one of the integral elements of the engineers’ education. Sergei Witte, a Russian statesman and one of the founders of the Polytechnic University, once wrote, “Educating a modern engineer without the study of the liberal arts is not only immoral, but also disastrous for the country.”

Today the Institute of Humanities provides academic humanity courses for the engineering majors as well as it delivers the whole range of educational programs for bachelors, masters, specialists and PhD students in such fields of study as linguistics, international relations, regional studies, advertising, public relations, publishing, teaching, psychology, sociology and law.

Being a part of the Polytechnic university the Institute integrates engineering sciences into humanities adding to basic courses the modules on developing digital competencies, learning programming languages, working with technical texts, using new media, etc. Thus, we help our students develop a unique set of competencies, so they can become competitive specialists of high demand at the labor market ready to perform successful professional activity in the field of digital economy. In these terms one can quote another extraordinary man of our time Steve Jobs, who said that technology married with the liberal arts and the humanities yields the results that make our hearts sing.

International and intercultural educational programs are also an important part of the Institute of Humanities. Altogether, 32% of international students are part of the student community and more than 25 foreign teachers are part of the academic staff. The Institute provides international academic mobility programs and maintains partnerships with the universities of China, Germany, Finland and other countries. All of this gives students an opportunity to be prepared to working in multicultural teams as well as in international companies and organizations.

Among some other interesting opportunities for our students one can outline the fundamental research work under the guidance of the professors of the Institute, the development of media products, volunteering projects of the Volunteering Center Harmony and much more.

We are proud of our achievements — in 2020, Peter the Great Polytechnic University was included into the list of top 10 Russian universities in Humanities according to RUR and RAEX.

Choosing the Institute of Humanities of Peter the Great Polytechnic University you get into a creative and highly professional atmosphere where you will be able to develop your potential and gain the competencies necessary for a successful professional activity!


Director of the Institute of Humanities

Chicherina Natalia Vasilyevna