Fields of research

Research area

Head of research

Graduate School of Applied Linguistics, Interpreting and Translation

Linguistic technologies in scientific communication: strategies for promoting scientific results

Chernyavskaya V.E., Doctor of Philology

Humanization of the polytechnic educational environment as a basis for the formation of values

Almazova N.I., Doctor of Education 

Interdisciplinary relations in higher education

 Popova N.V., Doctor of Education 

Theory and methodology  of  teaching a second language for specific purposes: approaches, strategies, technologies

Rubtsova A.V., Doctor of Education  

Graduate School of Engineering Pedagogy, Psychology and Applied Linguistics

Blended learning technologies in foreign language acquisition: multicultural approach

Khalyapina L.P., Doctor of Education  

Humanization of higher education and its impact on the student’s personal development

Baranova T.A., PhD in Education

Socio-cultural and personal aspects of adaptation

Valieva F.I.,
PhD in Education

Communicative stylistics and folklore studies

Varlamova V.N., PhD in Education

Methods of teaching the Russian language and culture of speech in polytechnic universities

Voloshinova T.Y., PhD in Education

Methods of teaching humanities to students majoring in Publishing

Methods of teaching Russian as a second language

Gubareva S.B., PhD in Education

Interactive technologies in polytechnic universities

Kruglikov V.N.,

Doctor of Education

Engineering pedagogy in the system of training teachers-engineers of the international level

Development of the personal competencies of engineering specialists

Olennikova M.V.,

PhD in Psychology

Graduate School of International Relations

China and Russia: ideologies of nationalism, comparative historical analysis

Pogodin S.N.,

Doctor of History

The development and institutionalization of the philosophy of history in Russian universities in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Historical and cultural analysis

Socio-cultural aspects of globalization
Philosophy of International Politics and Law
Russian philosophy of Politics and Law

Osipov I.D., Dr. phil.

Political Linguistics

Ryabova A.L.,

PhD in Philosophy

Evolution of international relations in the post-soviet area
Public Opinion management in information society
The potential for conflict in contemporary international relations

Bakhturidze Z.Z.,

Doctor of Political Science

Cognitive linguistics

Grishina N.Y., PhD in Education

The socio-political system of Nordic countries

Domestic and foreign policy of Nordic countries

Modern political science

Boldyreva E.L. PhD in Political Science

The image of Russia in the Chinese mass media in the first half of the 20th century
The image of China in the print media of the USSR
Chinese periodicals of the 1930s.

Guleva M.A.

PhD in History

Political and ethno-confessional history of the North-West of Russia and the countries of Northern Europe in the XIX-XX centuries.
International relations and contradictions in the Baltic region

Musaev V.I.

Doctor of History

Graduate School of Media Communications and Public Relations

Adaptation, intercultural communication and tolerance in the educational system


PR, advertising and marketing in various fields

Methodology of teaching advertising and marketing

Communication and PR in socio-political sphere

Popov D.G.,

PhD in Philosophy

Advertising and PR in international cooperation

Leontyeva V.L., PhD in Engineering

Applied sociological techniques in the media communications and public relations

Pozdeeva E.G., PhD in Sociology

Sociological monitoring of educational systems

Tanova A.G., PhD in Sociology

Graduate School of Legal Studies and Forensic Engineering

Analysis of domestic and international experience of higher education legal regulation

Snetkov V.N.,

Doctor of Political Science

Specifics of the legal regulation of telematic services in the Russian legal field

Tebryaev A.A.,

PhD in Law

Legal aspects of employees’ dismissal in small business

Ponomarenko A.V.,

PhD in Political Science

Development of international legal system in the Arctic

Snetkov V.N.,

Doctor of Political Science

Legal protection of innovative projects in the energy sector

Tebryaev A.A.,

PhD in Law

Legal support for environmental expertise in the field of environmental management

Halimovsky Y.A.,

PhD in Law

Maksimova E.V.,

PhD in Law

Forensic in science and technology

Kosarev S.Y.,

Doctor of Law

Isakov V.D.,

Doctor of Law

Department of social sciences

History of Russian America

Grinev A.V.,

Doctor of History

Military history of Russia

Mikhailov A.A.,
Doctor of History

Bocharov A.A., PhD in History

Orthodox pilgrimage: past and present

Kulik S.V.,
Doctor of History

State and Church in the history of Russia in the XX - XXI centuries

Kashevarov A.N.,
Doctor of History

Soviet Union in the 1920s-1930s

Industrial history of Russia at the end of the XIX - XX centuries: economic, political, socio-cultural aspects. Industrial heritage"

Ulyanova S.B.,
Doctor of History

History of the Arctic study and development

Kulik S.V.,
Doctor of History

History of the Great Patriotic War


Kulik S.V.,
Doctor of History

Krasnozhenova E.E.,
Doctor of History

Philosophy of education

Kuznetsov D.I., Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Social philosophy

Serkova V.A.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Sociocultural environment and communication strategies of the information society

Shipunova O.D.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Values in modern society

Kuznetsov D.I.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Ivanov S.G.,

PhD in Philosophy

Kazennov A.S.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

 Lobatyuk V.V., PhD in Sociology

Philosophy of Consciousness

Berezovskaya I.P.,
PhD in Philosophy


Pylkin A.A.,
PhD in Philosophy


Serkova V.A.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Sokolova N.A.,
PhD in Philosophy


History and philosophy of science

Shipunova O.D.,
Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

Safonova A.S.,
PhD in Philosophy


Department of foreign languages

Innovations and traditions in teaching foreign languages at the university

Krepkaya T.N., PhD in Education

There are many academic books and teaching materials published by the professors and lecturers of the Institute. The research and methodological work of the Institute's academic staff is contributing to the development of the continuing education program «Secondary School - University». The most significant works of 2010-2017, including those published by the SPbPU publishing house, are the following:

45 Doctors of Sciences and 140 PhDs work at the Institute of Humanities.

Lecturers of the Institute have received national and international awards, honorary titles and prizes for their scientific achievements:

  • Almazova Nadezhda - Honored Worker of Higher Education, Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Higher and Secondary Professional Education, Laureate of the RF Government Prize in Education, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education 
  • Isakov Vladimir - Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation
  • Kirilenko Viktor - Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation. Diploma of the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation
  • Fersman Natalya - diploma of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of St. Petersburg for significant contribution to the implementation of the State plan for training management personnel for the Russian Federation

The Honorary Workers of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation:

Попова Нина Васильевна, Варламова Вера Николаевна, Ветрова Ольга Григорьевна, Долгополов Владимир Анатольевич, Тростинская Ирина Рафаиловна, Тимерманис Игорь Евгеньевич, Скорнякова Светлана Сергеевна, Баранова Татьяна Анатольевна Popova Nina, Varlamova Vera, Vetrova Olga, Dolgopolov Vladimir, Trostinskaya Irina, Timermanis Igor, Skornyakova Svetlana, Baranova Tatyana

Members of scientific and professional societies (non-governmental organizations):

  • Almazova N.I. - Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education 
  • Khalyapina L.P. - Member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language IATEFL
  • Valieva F.I. - Member of the International American Association of Psychologists (APA) and the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP)
  • Kozlova L.Y. - Member of the Russian Association of Cognitive Linguists
  • Snetkov V.N. - Russian Bar Association. Association of Law Schools. International Law Association. Philosophical Society. International Higher Education Academy of Sciences
  • Isakov V.D. - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Academic member of the UN International Informatization Academy
  • Kirilenko V.P. - Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation in the section of geopolitics and security. Member of the Russian Association of International Law. Member of the Russian Association of International Maritime Law
  • Mishalchenko Y.V. - Member of the Russian Association of International Law