Scientific Dialogue with colleagues from China

17 Июня 2022
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On June 10, the Chinese-Russian Scientific Dialogue Megatrends in the World Politics and Economics was held between Chinese and Russian scientists in the field of international relations from 5 universities.

The participants of the Scientific Dialogue were: Dai Y.,the Director of the Institute of Regional Studies and International Communication, and Li Q., the Head of the Center of the Russian Studies from Shenzhen University (China);

S.Xu and S.Chen, the academic staff of the Department of Political Science, from Nankai University (China); B. Liu, the Associate Professor, from Dalian Polytechnic University (China);

Pogodin S. and Bakhturidze Z., the director and the vice-director of the Higher School of International Relations, from SPbPU (Russia);

Vasilyeva N.A. and Matveevskaya A.N., the academic staff of the Department of World Politics, from St. Petersburg State University (Russia).

In terms of the international dialogue the participants exchanged their opinions on the issues of theoretical construct of the forming system of international relations, as well as discussed the matters on the creation of the joined educational program in the field of the regional studies and international communication.