Love, Dostoevsky and architecture: three stories of students from the Middle Kingdom

7 July 2020
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The educational sphere of “Region Studies” of the Institute of Humanities annually attracts applicants from all over the world. An impressive percentage of students at the Higher School of International Relations are from China. Before immersing themselves in an exciting academic life, they undergo a long way in language training. On the basis of the HSIEP, future students diligently study the Russian language and multifaceted culture of our country. Each has a story of why they decided to continue their studies at Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg.

Tan Qianlin:

“When I was little, my parents often read books about Russia to me. All the stories seemed quite fabulous, as if this all can never happen in reality. In high school, I read Crime and Punishment and Anna Karenina. You might be surprised, but these works are pretty popular in China! And after school I decided to go on my big trip to Russia. Polytechnic University attracted me with its stunning main building: it is just like in the books that the parents read to me in my childhood, a real palace it was! I also want to note the compassionate attitude of all the teachers and employees of the university, so that here I fully feel at home. I miss the times when we could walk on the campus of Polytechnic University and eat donuts. This, by the way, is my favorite Russian food.”

Yang Zhiyuan:

“Russia is a promising course, and many wish to come here to study. Here I can get comprehensive knowledge and completely immerse myself in the language environment. This is extremely important for self-development. I’ve been to Kazan, Moscow, but St. Petersburg impressed me the most. I wanted to photograph every building here! I am surprised by the locals: they run past and do not notice all the beauty, and I admire each of them every day.

I like Polytechnic University: this is the most soulful university in Russia, I believe. The students studying here are exceedingly friendly, they always helped me, prompted me how to find a particular building, audience. I am surprised when they say that in Russia people are strict and unresponsive. I have not encountered anything of the kind during my stay in St. Petersburg. I like a busy extra-curricular life, clubs, competitions, excursion; this is also a merit of Polytechnic University. I am more than happy with my choice, so I wish everyone to go to a dream university and enjoy student time.”

Shen Hongzheng:

“In terms of tourism, Russia is one of the most popular destinations for residents of China; everyone wants to visit this distant and attractive country. A couple of years ago, I also came to St. Petersburg on a tour. I arrived in the city on the Neva and immediately fell in love with culture, architecture and one charming girl. Of course, for me, studying is a priority, but I cannot help noting the beauty of everything around. I was born in a huge metropolis, in a real stone jungle, and local architecture is new to me. Now I am preparing to enter the Master’s degree program “Russian Federation;” I plan to continue my education at the Higher School of International Relations. It is a pity that now most of the guys who stayed in China will be able to join their studies only online, because the borders are closed. But I’m sure they will get their chance to enjoy this beautiful city and pull up Russian.”