Language and Identity in the Era of Geopolitical Challenges

7 April 2023
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The Youth Scientific School "Language and identity in the context of geopolitical challenges" at the Institute of Humanities brought more than 60 participants together. This is a joint project of scientists and organizers of the educational process of the Polytechnic University with Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Students and young researchers from Kaliningrad took part in a scientific discussion with the students of the Polytechnic University.

Addressing the participants, Maxim Pasholikov, the vice-rector for Youth Policy of the Polytechnic University, said that the creation of conditions for the scientific and social development of young professionals is one of the key strategic vectors of the university's development. Partnership with the Baltic Federal University has a long tradition and continues in various forms.

"Such an educational interactive project is important to the Baltic Federal University primarily as an investment in our young specialists, citizens of modern society," said Ivan Kostenkov, the director of the Center for Youth Science of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. "The discussion of such issues is very up to date and significant for young people and students specializing in linguistics, Russian language and public relations. Language helps to develop the scope of our perception of the world. The range of issues that we discussed earlier – identity and language, bilingualism and national identity, identity of modern youth, digital identity in the Internet – are related to everyone nowadays. A high level of analytics in the discussion of complex issues, a lively dialogue and discussion involving all the participants are the components of the success of our school."